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[Freeland] --In Freeland today, entrepaneur and City Planning Dept. chief Big Bad Red has opened a project that is very special to his own heart. He hosted a gala-opening for a memorial park dedicated to the memory of all those who died on September 11, 2001...

... This park features a huge glass memorial, the largest single pane of glass in the world. "It was huge!" The site's foreman stated when he talked to us. "You wouldn't believe how huge that thing is!"

It is only one of three huge panes of glass, the other two are half it's size, triangular in shape and inscribed with all the names of all the victims of 9/11. The entire huge complex is surrounded by a fountain and reflecting pool.

The entire complex is immaculately landscaped and set up for public use. A natural pond was left in its natural state and landscaped around. BBR flew in some of Europe's greatest landscapers to design the layout, however as he is known for, ended up designing it himself anyway.

But anyway, here it is to download. --SimA.P.

Download Memorial Wall 1

Download Memorial Wall 2

Download Memorial Wall 3

Download Memorial Wall 4

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