Welcome to the Freeland City Planning Department.

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As the city trading forum of Freeland, we offer a wide array of services to all SimCity 3000 Unlimited enthusiasts that would like to trade their cities, terrains, etc. including:

  • A city exchange for mayors and city planners who would like to trade their cities, terrains, starter towns, and scenarios online.
  • Issue challenges to our visitors and post the best challengers in a featured section.
  • Custom landmarks that are used by mayors will be available to download along with their city, eliminating those annoying brown patches.
  • NEW!!! We would love to get and and all scenarios from enthusiasts.


City Exhibits:


Land Challenge

New cities from Big Bad Red and Jean-Francois Goulet. They are over in our City Exchange, don't be shy and check them out!!!

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Freeland City Planning Dept. by SF_Barry
Redwood City by Big Bad Red
The NEW LAND CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!! ENTER TODAY AND WE'LL POST YOUR CITY!!! --That is..... if you're up to it ;-}
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