est. 1943

A Division of Big Bad Red Enterprises

A leader in the contracting industry since 1943. Redsneezy & Sons has a long tradition in both the municipal and private sectors specialing in public works (i.e. alley ways, freeway walls, privacy walls and fences, parks, parking lots). No matter what your public works needs, we will be able to help you build and place masterpieces of construction worthy of Landmark status. We are located in all the biggest SimCities throughout SimNation including Marina Del Rey, SimCity Projects, Crater Lake, Transpo City, Mission Bay Park, and Farmland USA. We are thrilled to have relocated our corporate headquarters to Freeland.

From Ichabod "Big Bad Red" Redsneezy, Ichabod Redsneezy, Jr., Lambert Redsneezy, Archibald Redsneezy, Jeremiah Bullfrog (the son-in-law), Cousin Vinnie, and the rest of the Redsneezy clan.........

"It pleases us to please you. That's the Redsneezy way."

Redsneezy & Sons Construction Co., Inc. Complex

Thank you all for your support. To show our gratitude, we are presenting the entire Redsneezy Complex (22x30). It is ambitious we know, but you, our customer, deserve the very best. Click here.

Redsneezy & Sons News Ticker:

Caution: Site Under Construction. Watch your step.......... Redsneezy & Sons Construction Co., Inc., a proud member of the Freeland Business Community.......... Good morning, Dave.......... Redsneezy & Sons provides all of your public works needs.......... Redsneezy & Sons Construction Co., Inc. is a division of Big Bad Red Enterprises.......... Oh NO!!! THE WEASLE'S GOT THE CHICKENS!!!.......... Today's special: A brand new rest area!!! Show your coupon at the door and we'll get you a better seat!!!.......... Redsneezy's is remodeled, streamlined, and ready to serve you.......... Redsneezy's is now partnered with the Freeland Public Works Dept. to better serve you.......... I love you.......... Redsneezy and Uncle Leo have merged to make better deals for all their customers.......... Redsneezy & Sons Construction Co., Inc. is open for business....................

The Construction Site --3/20/02

Wanna See Something Cool???...

Check these new goodies out here!

Brought to you by designer Berserk666, these extraordinary collections of props are new and available exclusively at Redsneezy & Sons Construction Co., Inc. Enjoy the Big Ol' Crane and the Oppinator!

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The Town of Redsneezy

The Town of Redsneezy is back by popular demand and available once again here at Redsneezy & Sons. You may remember it as the "proof-of-principal" for the Freeland City Planning Dept. that was made entirely of landmarks. It really is a sight to see. Download it today.

The Construction Site... Where it all takes place.

To download the Construction Site click here.

C.E.O. Big Bad Red poses for the camera after the debut of his pride and joy.
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